Top 10 best online shopping sites in India

Top 10 best online shopping sites in India

Indian e-commerce market has exploded recently. Every Global player worth their salt are in India and if not in already they are making plans to be in India in the near future. The total amount of sales has shot up from 9 billion USD in 2009 to over 15 billion in 2015. This phenomenal jump has been possible with the participation of only 35 million online shoppers which is less than 5% of Indian population. One of the major hindrances to e-commerce in India is lack of credit card penetration. This drawback was circumvented by the major players by the Cash on demand option which evidently is the most preferred payment method. Indian consumers always love to touch and feel their product.With online shopping the advantage of physically taking a look at a product before you buy is gone.Hence many Indian e-tailers have detailed descriptions along with multiple photographs and videos of the product for the convenience of the customer. Another advantage is one doesnt have to step out of the confines of their home or office ans shop with convenience and privacy. We had noticed the Top 10 best online shopping sites list on one of a very well known site. So we thought of coming up with a list of our own so as to help our users.

1. Amazon India

Amazon Deal of the Day              The leader of retail is here in India. Amazon recently started its operations in India which included a marketing blitzkrieg by its very famous CEO Mr Bezos himself. With its exemplary customer service combined with its experience of operating and winning war (did anyone say Amazon Lightning Deal) at the most competitive market USA itself, its just a matter of time before Amazon take over Indian ecommerce space

Amazon Deal of the Day

Amazon Coupons

2. Flipkart

Flipkart Online Shopping        Started by the Bansal brothers in 2007, flipkart grew in leaps and bounds in the nascent Indian e-commerce market. It was started with their savings and right now its values at over 15 billion USD. It has become a one stop shop by offering discounted Mobile phones, television sets and other electronics. It is the current incumbent leader in Indian and is trying to make rapid strides to make flipkart online shopping a pleasure and to keep its leader position intact.

Flipkart Online Shopping

Flipkart Coupons

3. Jabong

Jabong Offers            It would be very difficult to find a lady who hasn’t bought Sarees from Jabong or someone who hasn’t shopped there. Jabong had a meteoric rise just focussing on ethnic wear and targeting this section of the segment.It is one of the top sites of India and now offers not just Sarees but also Kurtas,Kurtis,Ladies wear, kids ethnic wear,Watches and even home needs like curtains, bed spreads etc

Jabong Offers

Jabong Coupons

4. Snapdeal

Snapdeal Online Shopping               Snapdeal which initially started off as India’s best deals and coupons site has come a long way.With innovative positioning and marketing like Snapdeal Deal of the Day and roping in celebrity ambassadors it playing all its card right. Not to mention the awesome Snapdeal deals and Hot offers.

Snapdeal Online Shopping

Snapdeal Coupons

5. Paytm

Paytm Online Shopping        Paytm started as a Bill Payment and Mobile Recharge site and has grown leaps and bounds. It now offers all the products under the sun like Mobiles,Smart Phones,Televisions, Cameras, Tablets, etc. With its eye popping Paytm cashback deals which a shopper use in subsequent purchases it is a no brainer to shop here.

Paytm Deals

Paytm Coupons

6. Ebay India

ebay offers                    A subsidiary of the American conglomerate ebay which is known as the World’s Market place, ebay entered India to replicate its success in the west and to tap the vast Indian bidding market. One could find the best of the mobile phones at a deeply discounted prices.

ebay offers

ebay coupons

7. Shopclues

Shopclues Deals          Shopclues was founded in California, USA ( a part of Clues Network Inc,USA) but catering to Indian consumers. It is pretty famous for its hot Mobile Phone deals and its eye popping deals on Indian Jewellery

Shopclues Offers

Shopclues Coupons

8. Pepperfry

Pepperfry Deals        Pepperfry caters to today’s Woman. There is a high probability that any 21st century Indian woman would have shopped on for her home décor needs. This is a lifestyle ecommerce store selling products not just for home décor but having products spanning Jewellery, furniture deals, fragrances, gifts,etc for both men and women

Pepperfry Offers

Pepperfry Coupons

9. Homeshop18

Homeshop 18 offers                     Homeshop18 has everything you need to set up your home. With the growth in Indians’ aspirations and rise of home ownership, it was able to ride this wave to a stupendous growth.It sells everything from electronics to kids toys now and infact some of the best deals on mobile have come in from homeshop18.

Homeshop18 Offers

Homeshop18 Coupons

10. Oyo Rooms

Oyo Rooms                   Oyo Rooms is the latest startup in the hyper competitive Indian e-commerce market. It is India’s own airbnb but with a twist.Oyo Rooms make sure that Hotels and other properties listed with it adhere to a certain minimum criteria so that the users who reserve the room through it do not have to worry and there are no surprises.

Oyo Rooms Offers

Oyo Rooms Coupons

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