Make Money Shopping online


1. How do i get points and make money shopping online?

Do you want to make money shopping online?. Paisavaisa can help you. Its pretty Simple. Start posting in the forums. In-fact as soon as you register you would get 50 points added to your account right away.We would like you to help others by posting the deals, coupons and reviews that could save money for everyone. Its a Pay it forward ..paisavaisa way..with instant gratification :)..Thats how you make money shopping online junta. Earn points and Just send us an email with the gifts you would like to redeem, sit and enjoy.

Please note that unfair means of trying to earn points would invoke an instant ban by the moderators. Lets play fair.



2. What activities help me get points.

You can earn on the following activities:


User Activity Points added to your account
Registration 50
Follow us on Facebook 10
Follow us on Twitter 10
Follow us on Google+ 15
Posting a new deal that gets promoted to front page 10
Posting a product/store review that gets approved by the moderator 5
Posting a coupon that gets approved by the moderator 1
Posting a new deal that is not a repost.(Daily cap 10) 1
Post a Quiz N/A
 Post a funny pic or a video  N/A

Be helpful to others..the good admins at paisavaisa.com might just give you some instant points. 😉

3. How much are my points worth

Each point is worth 1 INR (Indian Rupee). We could just throw in a bonus for any user who has a certain points or more just for kicks ;). Thats our way of rewarding the most helpful user in our community. Pay it forward the Paisavaisa.com way

4. How do i redeem points for Gifts?

Check out our gift store section. Identify a gift you would like to redeem and make sure you have the necessary points. Send us a mail at admin@paisavaisa.com and we’ll do the rest.You would need a minimum of 200 points to redeem your first gift. After that go craazzyyyyyy

5. Why were my points deleted?

We are sure therez a good enough reason for that. You probably were trying to use unfair means by posting the same review again and again, posting a duplicate deal, submitting an invalid coupon or just trying to spam the forum. If any of the above apply to you then yes, the admin might have revoked your points and might even ban you. If thats not the case and you think you have a valid reason to believe that the points shouldn’t have been revoked please send us an email at admin@paisavaisa.com and we’ll look in to it. Please note that points administration is at the sole discretion of the paisavaisa.com management and cannot be challenged

6. Can i transfer my points to a friend or a family member

sorry that option is not available on paisavaisa.com.The points are soley yours and yours only. You could redeem them for a product and gift your freinds or family the gift instead.:)

7. I follow you on facebook/twitter/google+. I donot see my points yet

Thanks a lot for following us. We cannot automatically track if you are following us in any of the social media platforms. Pls send out a mail to admin@paisavaisa.com with the subject ‘Facebook/Twitter/Google+’ and we will make sure your points get added to your account.



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